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New Year, New You?

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by Rebecca Cormier, a Sr. Solution Engineer for Slack’s public sector solutions. You can connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn. What I’m Watching:  Just finished White Lotus on HBO What I’m Listening to:  Criminal Podcast  What I’m Reading:  Making Numbers Count: The Art and Science of Communicating in Numbers … Continued

This is Your Q4 Survival Guide

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Jessica VanderKolk, Communications Manager for the City of Battle Creek. Let’s be pocket friends on Twitter and LinkedIn! What I’m wearing: All peppermint, all the time. This is my #PeppermintSeason. What I’m watching: Season 5 of The Crown What I’m hearing: All holiday music, all the time As I sit … Continued

Zen & the Art of Culture Management

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Greg LeBlanc. Connect with Greg on LinkedIn. What I’m Reading: Off the Map: Lost Spaces, Invisible Cities, Forgotten Islands, Feral Places and What They Tell Us About the World by Alastair Bonnett What I’m Watching: The Newsroom What I’m Listening to: “Don’t Stop” by Sonny Cleveland In the corner of … Continued

The Year of Making Work, Work For Us!

Hello! It’s Pavani here from Acta Solutions! 👋 It’s the new year and it’s the year of making our work work for us. Not the other way around. We’d love to hear from you about how you’re addressing staff wellness through process improvements. Join us on January 19th at 12pm ET/11am CT/ 9am PT for … Continued

Strategies for Surviving the Turnover Tsunami

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by Kayla Barber-Perrotta, Budget Manager for the City of Brighton, Colorado. Connect with Kayla on LinkedIn. What I’m reading: Build an A-Team, by Whitney Johnson What I’m Watching: Atypical and Explained What I’m listening to: Sour   Strategies for Surviving the Turnover Tsunami With new postings coming across my … Continued

Remote Work – Is It Here to Stay?

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Melissa Cantarero Weiss, Director of Administrative Services at the City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Connect with Melissa on Twitter or LinkedIn. What I’m Reading: A Girl from Yamhill by Beverly Cleary What I’m Watching: I am mostly skipping TV currently… What I’m Listening to: The podcast Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy  … Continued

Ted Lasso’s Leadership Lessons [no spoilers]

By Sarah Moss, MPA | LinkedIn | Twitter What I’m listening to – Denver City Council Budget and Policy Committee meeting What I’m reading – Gifts of the Crow: How Perception, Emotion, and Thought Allow Smart Birds to Behave Like Humans by John Marzluff and Tony Angell (Did you know that crows have two sets of … Continued

Techniques for Coping with Anxiety

Today’s Buzz is by Kayla Barber-Perrotta– connect with her on LinkedIn! What I’m Listening to – An audio book. See below. What I’m Reading – “On the Way to the Wedding,” by Julia Quinn. I fell down the Bridgerton hole hard. J What I’m Watching ­– Adam Ruins Everything What I’m Doing – Cleaning/organizing my house. Family finally got … Continued

Thank You for Keeping the Ball Rolling

  Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels Today’s Buzz is brought to you by Marshall Curry, Program Manager for EPIC-N. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn What I’m Reading: Project and partnership stories describing engagements between EPIC-N programs and local governments. Here’s an example of a recently published story. What I’m listening to: Timber Lands podcast … Continued

Application Vulnerability

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by Christopher Leonard, Administrative Supervisor for the City of Fort Lauderdale. You can connect with him via LinkedIn What I’m Listening To: “Relaxation” on Amazon Music.  As I mature, I have opened myself up to music that is calming over entertaining. What I’m Watching: Mostly inauguration and political … Continued

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