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Podcast: Vision Zero and Tactical Urbanism with Barkha Patel, Jersey City, NJ

Barkha Patel Director of Infrastructure City of Jersey City, NJ LinkedIn | Website Infrastructure feedback in real-time. Barkha Patel, Director of Infrastructure for the City of Jersey City, New Jersey, joined the podcast to talk about infrastructure and vision zero. She shared how the City implements tactical urbanism, the creation of the Department of Infrastructure, … Continued

Vision Zero – Are We There Yet?

Hello! I’m Laura Hardwicke– connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter! What I’m Watching: My favorite trash reality show reckon with racism, again. What I’m listening to: Michael Kiwanuka for all the good vibes What I’m Eating: Fancy doughnuts leftover from Valentine’s dessert Hindsight is 20/20, and it’s about that time we look back on … Continued

State of Place: Vision Zero 101

This post is part of a partnership between ELGL and State of Place, who uses extensive knowledge of urban design and empirical analysis to quantify what people love about places and forecast why it makes sense to make them better. Check back weekly for a post from this partnership. As many of you know, last week, I … Continued

Strong Cities Have Lots of Zeros

This guest blog is by ELGL member Clay Pearson. Big cities have big responsibilities. Coming with that are big scale, scope, complexities, priorities, and challenges. Texas has growth and all the other `bigs. We are not shying away from the `bigs’ and building great communities. To get there requires numbers with lots of zeros behind them. A recent … Continued

Podcast: The 2023 GovieLovies

The most prestigious award in local government podcasting. The GovLove co-hosts teamed up to hand out awards and recap another year of a podcasting about local government. Lauren, Dan, Meredith, and Ben selected three of their favorite episodes to award a GovieLovie. They also shared their highlight from 2023, dream guests for 2024, and what … Continued

#9 – John Metro

John Metro City of Jersey City, NJ Business Administrator LinkedIn | Twitter Knowledgeable, Innovative, Efficient John Metro deserves to be on the 2021 Traeger list not only due to the office he holds in one of the State’s largest municipalities, but his commitment to the improvement of the lives of all Jersey City residents. John … Continued

Podcast: Mobility & Equity with Charles T. Brown, Equitable Cities

Charles T. Brown Founder & CEO, Equitable Cities Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University LinkedIn | Twitter Arrested mobility. Charles T. Brown, the Founder & CEO of Equitable Cities and Professor of Planning & Public Policy at Rutgers University, joined the podcast to talk about the connection between mobility and equity. He discussed the concept of arrested … Continued

Job Post: Fort Collins, CO Traffic Engineer

You can find all of ELGL’s job posts at From time to time, we help our members with tough-to-recruit for positions with added outreach and visibility on and our social media channels. When you see posts like this, take a minute to share the link with anyone in your network who might be … Continued

Am I a Last Responder?

Hello! I’m Laura Hardwicke– connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter! What I’m Watching: Hallmark/Lifetime/Netflix Christmas Movies What I’m listening to: What a Day (a podcast by Crooked Media) What I’m Cooking: Turkey Brie flatbread to use up leftovers I’m a month into my new role as Vision Zero Project Manager in my hometown city. … Continued

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