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The ELGL Strategic Plan: From Strategery to Tenawesome

After several long months drinking copious amounts of coffee and sitting in our birds nest, we’ve created the all new ELGL Strategic Plan. I can give you two words for how it turned out; tenacious and awesome. In fact it’s really one word; tenawesome. The formal unveiling will be live on July 1st and include … Continued

Local Government’s New Normal with Scott Lazenby, City Manager of Lake Oswego, Oregon

Balancing community aesthetics/environment and individual private property rights; shifting project work during the recession; planning for boom/bust industries; MPA “Lite” University; economic development is maybe not so tangible; and why student loans should be illegal — this is Local Government’s New Normal in Lake Oswego per Scott Lazenby, Renaissance Man and LO City Manager. The … Continued

ELGL Strategic Planning “Strategery” – Phase 1: Visioning

This week, The Five-O-Nine Experience with Dan Englund returns to talk “Strategery” by discussing ELGL’s strategic planning process.   We recognize that it’s difficult to accomplish anything without a good plan.  As we speak, a select group of ELGL leaders are thoroughly engaged in the strategic planning process with the help of former “Knope of … Continued

The Five-O-Nine Experience with Dan Englund

As part of ELGL’s commitment to providing local government experience to our members, we are excited to welcome Dan Englund to our team. Dan will be completing his PSU MPA “509” requirement by spearheading our strategic plan and communications strategy. Dan introduces himself in the below blog post.  Thanks to Dr. Phillip Cooper, PSU MPA … Continued

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