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Just Because the Captain’s Hands Are on the Steering Wheel

Today’s Buzz is by Christian M. Williams @MyPublicTweeter This past week I was reminded how much I appreciate the power of collaboration. That combined with empathy can make a world of difference. At the city of Goodyear, we have dry-runs for Council presentations that might be out of the ordinary or potentially controversial. I have … Continued

#ELGLInspire Speakers: Christian Williams

Christian M. Williams Executive Management Assistant, City of Goodyear, Arizona What was the very first paying job you held (that you paid taxes on)? Traffic Engineering Intern at City of Peoria, Arizona What was your: undergraduate institution? Graduate institution? What was/were your degree(s) in? Undergrad: University of Washington-Seattle (2009); Current Grad School: Grand Canyon University … Continued

#CityHallSelfie: A Love Story

This guest blog is by Pam Davis (Weir), Assistant to the City Manager, City of Goodyear. Connect with Pam on Twitter. My love for the #cityhallselfie borderlines on the absurd. Since January 2015, I have shared more than 30 selfies from communities in 11 states and 2 countries. I don’t travel anymore without making time … Continued

Mt. Rushmore with Pam Weir, City of Goodyear, AZ

It’s Mount Rushmore season for ELGL members. We’re asking for your top four list on a variety of topics. Pam Weir Assistant to the City Manager – City of Goodyear, Arizona Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter Issues facing Goodyear: Growth, growth, and more growth. We are working hard to ensure our services keep pace with development … Continued

Part V: Organizational Diversity Is Deeper than Race

In the last of a five-part series, Christian Williams, City of Goodyear, AZ, opens up about his experience with race. Disclaimer: Race is controversial topic with many diverging opinions. Knowing that, I feel obliged to start with this disclaimer. The opinions, in this column, are mine and mine alone. My opinions do not reflect those of my … Continued

How Is Your City Engaging the Community?

Observations from Under the Saguaro by Christian M. Williams @MyPublicTweeter He’s back! Goodyear, AZ ‘s Christian Williams asks: What is your city doing to get citizens, particularly millennials, engaged in local government?

Allow Myself to Introduce Myself…Christian Williams, City of Goodyear, AZ

Welcome to the new and (somewhat) improved version of our member introductions. If you are puzzled by the column name, take a minute to watch the above scene from Austin Powers. Christian Williams City of Goodyear, AZ — City Manager’s Office (Complete the sentence) Today is……a beautiful sunny day in Arizona!  It is a cool … Continued

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