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A Communications Wake-up Call

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Danielle Rogers, Community Marketing Manager for Newton, Iowa. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter. Listening To: The Wine & Crime Podcast. A true crime / comedy podcast. From their website “Join three childhood friends as they chug wine, chat true crime, and unleash their worst Minnesota accents!” Reading: Ariadne … Continued

Podcast: Data & Engagement During COVID-19 with Brianna Sunryd, Amherst, MA

Brianna Sunryd  Communications Manager Town of Amherst, MA LinkedIn | Twitter Using data to improve engagement. Brianna Sunryd, Communications Manager with the Town of Amherst, Massachusetts, joined the GovLove Phonebooth from the CivicPlus Summit conference to discuss how communication changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. She shared which engagement strategies that the Town used during COVID-19 … Continued

Better Together During a Crisis, and Every Day

I am Jessica VanderKolk, Communications Manager buzzing with you from the City of Battle Creek, Michigan. Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m reading: Out of Orange by Cleary Wolters What I’m watching: Grey’s Anatomy (I’m binging on Netflix and I’m on Season 9… no spoilers!) I felt inspired to write today’s Morning … Continued

Podcast: Creating a State of the City Event with Kent Wyatt, Tigard, OR

Kent Wyatt Communications Director City of Tigard, Oregon LinkedIn | Twitter Late night in Tigard. Kent Wyatt, Communications Director for the City of Tigard, Oregon, joined the podcast to talk about the City’s creative approach to the annual State of the City address. He discussed how to make the State of the City more authentic … Continued

4 Lessons Learned During My First Year in Local Government

  Today’s Morning Buzz is by Lacey Dykgraaf, Community Engagement Specialist for the City of Newberg. Connect with Lacey on LinkedIn or Twitter. What I’m Reading: Textbooks mostly. Living that #GradSchool Life What I’m Watching: Just finished WandaVision. Big 10/10 would recommend. What I’m Listening to: My new aesthetic is “Oldies Playing in Another Room While It’s … Continued

Communicate to Connect — Beating the Infodemic

Today’s Buzz is by Katie Nelson (Twitter and LinkedIn) What I am reading: The Revolt of the Public What I am Listening to: Small Town Murder What I am Watching: WandaVision  “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright, was ahead of his time … Continued

If You LOVE Recycling: A Communications Plan

Today’s Buzz is by Jessica VanderKolk, Communications Manager in the City of Battle Creek, Michigan. Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m reading: I’ve started a handful of books and am making slooow progress. Two are Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America by Leslie Knope; and Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey What I’m watching: Gilmore … Continued

Podcast: Showing GovLove with Catie Miller, General Services Administration

Catie Miller Strategic Communications Manager Office of Shared Solutions & Performance Improvement General Services Administration LinkedIn Celebrating public service. Catie Miller, Strategic Communications Manager for the General Services Administration, joins the podcast to discuss the Federal agency’s #GovLove campaign to highlight success stories in government. She shared the types of successes they are highlighting and … Continued

Podcast: Common Community Engagement Mistakes with Kevin Lyons, FlashVote

Kevin Lyons CEO & Co-Founder FlashVote LinkedIn Pizza, beer, & public input. Kevin Lyons, CEO & Co-Founder of FlashVote, joins the podcast to discuss community engagement. He highlights common mistakes made with various types of communication channels as well as mistakes organizations make in town halls, social media, online forums, and surveys. Kevin also shares … Continued

Podcast: Community Engagement During COVID-19 with Ashley Traynum-Carson & Jay Dawkins

Ashley Traynum-Carson Communication Specialist City of Asheville, NC LinkedIn Jay Dawkins CEO Public Input LinkedIn | Twitter From public meetings to communications. Two guests joined the podcast to talk about how communication and engagement has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ashley Traynum-Carson, Communication Specialist for the City of Asheville, North Carolina, and Jay Dawkins, CEO … Continued

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