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ELGL Membership News

ELGL’s mission is to engage the brightest minds in local government by: Providing timely, relevant, real content Fostering authentic, meaningful connections Expecting equity and inclusion Encouraging joy in public service Welcoming new ideas and technology One of the ways we make our membership equitable and inclusive is by keeping our membership prices low. We want … Continued

Engaging the Brightest Minds in Local Government

What I’m listening to – Meditation in the City podcast What I’m watching – Trading Spaces! What I’m doing – ELGL18 in Golden, Colorado In May, the ELGL Board of Directors (Ben Kittelson, Dan Weinheimer, Kent Wyatt, and myself) gathered for the ELGL strategic planning retreat in Golden, CO. Teri Runyan, Performance Excellence Program Manager … Continued

It Matters Who You Associate With

What I’m listening to – GovLove podcasts as I get excited for #ELGL18 What I’m watching – youth soccer What I’m doing – ELGL strategic planning I am a joiner. I have always seen the value of relationships and learning so I have gravitated to places where I can learn from peers and be mentored … Continued

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