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Is Local Government Immune from the “Great Resignation”?

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by Ariana Adame, Director of Capital Projects Department for the City of West Sacramento, California. Connect with Ariana on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m reading: More Than Ready, by Cecilia Munoz What I’m Watching: Iron Fist What I’m listening to: Jay Z Essentials The “Great Resignation” is a … Continued

Vision Zero – Are We There Yet?

Hello! I’m Laura Hardwicke– connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter! What I’m Watching: My favorite trash reality show reckon with racism, again. What I’m listening to: Michael Kiwanuka for all the good vibes What I’m Eating: Fancy doughnuts leftover from Valentine’s dessert Hindsight is 20/20, and it’s about that time we look back on … Continued

Podcast: COVID-19 Vaccine Public Sentiment with Eyal Feder-Levy, Zencity

Eyal Feder-Levy CEO & Founder Zencity LinkedIn | Twitter Building community trust. Eyal Feder-Levy, CEO & Founder of Zencity, joined the podcast to talk about the work Zencity is doing to track the public sentiment of the COVID-19 vaccine in cities across America. He shared there is currently twice as much negative sentiment towards the … Continued

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