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COVID-19: What Works Cities Tracking Spreadsheet

This information is included on ELGL’s crowdsourced local government resources page for COVID-19/Coronavirus information. Submitted by ELGL member Zach Markovits. A spreadsheet to enable city staff and teams to provide and gather information about what is happening in cities around the country and answer the tough, challenges that all cities are facing.

Podcast: Reducing Evictions in Newark, NJ with Khabirah Myers

Khabirah Myers Coordinator, Office of Tenant Legal Services City of Newark, New Jersey Bio Equitable growth and reducing displacement. Khabirah Myers, the Coordinator for the Office of Tenant Legal Services, joined the podcast to talk about her work aiding renters in the City of Newark.The City created an Office where residents facing eviction can turn … Continued

Going on a Road Trip With What Works Cities

ELGL and What Works Cities are partnering once again to bring local government learning about how cities with with data to two #ELGLRoadTrip locations! This year, What Works Cities will host learning opportunities in conjunction with the #ELGLRoadTrip events in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Tarrant County, Texas. Learn more about the sessions below, and register … Continued

Chief Data Officer: Partners

This is the fifth installment in a multi-part blog series by Sam Edelstein about the role of a Chief Data Officer. Read part one about the job, here. Read part two about counting, here. Read part three about trends, here. Read part four at predictions, here. When I first became Chief Data Officer, I was … Continued

Role of a Chief Data Officer

This is the first installment in a multi-part blog series by Sam Edelstein about the role of a Chief Data Officer.  Just over three years ago, I became the city of Syracuse’s first chief data officer. A couple dozen other cities, as well as states and federal government agencies have chief data officers as well. … Continued

Podcast: Data and Analytics in New Orleans, LA

Melissa Schigoda Director, Office of Performance and Accountability New Orleans, LA LinkedIn | Twitter Eric Ogburn Director of Enterprise Information New Orleans, LA LinkedIn | Twitter Jonathan Wisbey Chief Technology Officer New Orleans, LA LinkedIn Solving real-world problems with data. Three people from the City of New Orleans, Louisiana joined the podcast to talk about … Continued

Could the ELGL Conference Change Your Life? It Did For Me.

This guest blog is by Sarah Moss, Civic Dreamer and Doer, Twitter | LinkedIn | Web. What I’m ?: The new album from Johhnyswim, who has a concert near Durham on Tuesday, May 14, the night before #ELGL19 starts! Hit me up on Twitter if you want to join me for the show. What I’m … Continued

It’s Open Data Day 2019!

We’re celebrating by highlighting our best content and podcast episodes about data. What’d we miss? Email kent@elgl.org. Behavioral Insights & Benchmarking with Brent Stockwell, Scottsdale, AZ Brent Stockwell, Assistant City Manager of Scottsdale, AZ, joined GovLove to discuss his work on performance measurement, behavioral insights and his favorite color. Brent described how Scottsdale is taking … Continued

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