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Webinar: Three Perks of Getting Your City’s Data Check-Up

Add to calendar: https://www.addevent.com/event/lH2666224 Wednesday, December 12, 02:00pm – 03:00pm (EST) How is your city doing? Completing a Certification assessment allows your city to know exactly how to answer that question and opens the door for you to receive exclusive support from What Works Cities as you build a well-managed local government. Join WWC partner Results … Continued

A Constant Evolution: What Makes a Well-Managed City

This What Works Cities Certification post is by Stephen Goldsmith, Mark Headd, Myung Lee, and Jennifer Pahlka and it appears on the What Works Cities Certification Medium page. The hard work of building a data-driven local government is a journey and not a destination — there is always room for improvement, and a truly well-managed city never stops looking for opportunities … Continued

Podcast: Data & Continuous Improvement in Louisville with Daro Mott

Daro Mott Chief of Performance Improvement Louisville, KY Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter LouieStat and changing culture. Daro Mott, the Chief of Performance Improvement for the City of Louisville, Kentucky, joined the podcast to talk about their use of data and focus on process improvement. Daro described Louisville’s particular focus on professional development and training employees … Continued

Podcast: Evaluation & Good Government in Washington, DC with Jenny Reed

Jenny Reed Director, Office of Budget & Performance Management Washington DC Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Good government for the people. Jenny Reed the Director of the Office of Budget & Performance Management for the City of Washington, DC joined the podcast to talk about how they use evaluation and performance management. She shared the … Continued

Podcast: Data Driven Decision Making in Kansas City, MO

Kate Bender Deputy Performance Officer Kansas City, MO LinkedIn | Twitter Bo McCall Performance Analyst Kansas City, MO LinkedIn | Twitter Chris Hernandez Communications Director Kansas City, MO LinkedIn | Twitter Transparency before it was cool. Three people from the City of Kansas City, Missouri joined the podcast to talk about how KCMO uses data … Continued

Inside the Certification: City of Topeka, Kansas

In this series, we highlight the inaugural group of nine cities to achieve What Works Cities Certification and the five cities selected for the Certification Honor Roll. As part of being awarded the certification, each city received an ELGL all-in membership. What Works Cities Certification recognizes and celebrates local governments that are leading the nation in the use of data … Continued

Podcast: Innovation & Performance in the City of Seattle with Tina Walha

Tina Walha Director of Innovation & Performance Team Seattle, WA LinkedIn | Twitter Using data and design to creatively solve problems. Tina Walha the Director of the Innovation & Performance team at the City of Seattle, Washington joined the podcast to talk about her team’s work. She shared her path into local government, which started with a … Continued

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces the American Cities Best at Using Data to Improve Residents’ Lives

This press release is from ELGL member What Works Cities. Learn more about What Works Cities in the GovLove episode, Podcast: Leveraging Data to Improve Local Government  WASHINGTON – Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the inaugural group of nine cities to achieve What Works Cities Certification, a first-of-its-kind national standard of excellence in city governance. What Works Cities … Continued

Podcast: Data & Procurement in Boston, MA

  Laura Melle Senior Procurement Lead City of Boston, MA LinkedIn | Twitter Stefanie Costa Leabo Interim Chief Data Officer City of Boston, MA LinkedIn | Twitter Two Innovation & Technology staff from the City of Boston, Massachusetts joined the podcast to talk about their work. Laura Melle is the Sr. Procurement Lead and Stefanie Costa … Continued

Podcast: Empowering the Use of Data in San Francisco with Joy Bonaguro

  Joy Bonaguro Chief Data Officer City and County of San Francisco, CA Bio | LinkedIn Building capacity and empowering employees through the use of data. Joy Bonaguro, the Chief Data Officer for the City and County of San Francisco, California discusses her path to local government, her approach to data and scaling solution. She … Continued

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