FAQ Topic: 90-81

#89 – Lisa Sierra

Lisa Sierra City of Calgary, CA Innovation Manager LinkedIn Passionate, Connected, Resourceful Lisa goes out of her way to help others in the innovation network. She is kind and always wants to help. She is proactive in reaching out to help new members. She generously shares the work that she does in hopes of helping … Continued

#88 – Chris Sharrock

Chris Sharrock City of Pataskala, OH Utility Director LinkedIn Adaptable, Dedicated, Knowledgable Chris deserves to be considered for this award for multiple reasons. Primarily, he works constantly to maintain and improve the relationship between the City of Pataskala Utility Department and the community that he serves. In the last year alone, he led three significant … Continued

#86 – Derek Konofalski

Derek Konofalski City of Gilbert, AZ Data and Technology Analyst- Gilbert, AZ LinkedIn | Twitter Creative, Dedicated, Innovative Derek is a self proclaimed “nerd” and is always on the cutting edge of local government technology. He manages Gilbert’s Open Data Initiative, and also has transformed the Gilbert 311 program. He also produces the “Government Gone … Continued

#85 – E.A. Hoppe

E.A. Hoppe City of Kerrville City Manager LinkedIn Inspirational, Supportive, Encouraging Mr. Hoppe was recently promoted from Deputy City Manager to City Manager here in Kerrville. The transition was not only smooth, but encouraging to the city staff. EA has created a solid momentum for staff to bring up and support city projects. He encourages … Continued

#84 – Samantha Hilson

Samantha Hilson Tompkins County, NY Health Department Director of Health Promotion LinkedIn Smart, Kind, Caring Samantha is a committed health professional who cares for our community. She has worked with her other members of the community to ensure that everyone is provided infomation where they are. if it means through community navigators, translated materials, or … Continued

#83 – Larissa Johnson

Larissa Johnson Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection Residential Energy Program Manager LinkedIn Energetic, Inclusive, Creative Larissa Johnson deserves a place on the 2021 Traeger list because she can figure out a way to partner with just about every organization, business, or person she meets. Through the Montgomery Energy Connection platform, she has created innovative … Continued

#81 – Gladys Larson

Gladys Larson Tompkins County, NY Senior Probation Officer LinkedIn Inspirational, Energizing, Fun Gladys brings empathy and kindness to everything she does. As a probation officer she treats her clients with respect and demands the same from them. She is always learning and growing. In 2020 and much of 2021 she stepped up to assist with … Continued

#82 – Mike Giansanti

Mike Giansanti City of Boulder, CO Innovation & Technology Deputy Director – Business Intelligence & Applications LinkedIn Visionary, Strategic, Thoughtful Mike has an incredible vision not only for what technology can do, but also for the impact it can have on local government. He is leading initiatives for Workday implementation, a new CRM, the City … Continued

#87 – Shane McDaniel

Shane McDaniel City of Seguin, TX Director of IT LinkedIn | Twitter Accountable, Communicative, Driven Since his hiring in 2018 as the City of Seguin’s first Director of IT, Shane has led a technology evolution for one of the oldest cities in Texas. Over the following three years several miles of high strand count single … Continued

#90 – Suki Taylor

Suki Tabor Ithaca, NY Youth Bureau Deputy Director LinkedIn Collaborator, Caring, Catalyst Suki is committed to youth and families throughout Tompkins County. She makes sure that all people feel welcome at the Ithaca Youth Bureau and continues to push the City and community to engage in difficult conversations to implement equitable systems. The 2021 Top … Continued

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