09.28.12 Knope of the Week – Rosalynn Greene

Posted on September 28, 2012

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The 42nd Knope of the Week has been selected after a week long search for the individual(s) or group who has done the most to advance the mission of ELGL. In case you haven’t yet memorized the ELGL mission statement, here it is in its entirety,

THE MISSION of the Oregon Emerging Local Government Leaders Network is to enhance communication between emerging and experienced government professionals; provide for professional advancement in the field by identifying employment opportunities and through targeted training and education; and support the advancement of professional local government management.

Before we announce this week’s recipient, we ask you to turn away from your computer screen and repeat the ELGL mission in an opera voice. Now that you’ve proven your allegiance to ELGL, we are happy to share with you this week’s recipient of the Knope of the Week is…..

Rosalynn Greene

Clackamas County Sustainability Coordinator

ELGL Advisory Board Member

Rosalynn is a two-time winner of the award. We recognize Rosalynn this time for her commitment shown organizing the recent Clackamas County Administrators forum. Her organizational skills and attention to detail made for the perfect setting for ELGL’s maiden county voyage. Most of us do not realize the logistics and balancing act required for hosting an ELGL forum. Rosalynn took on the challenge by managing the caterer (Singer Hill), three presenters, room set up, and agenda. Luckily her co-workers (Erin Tokos and Nancy Drury) were helpful and committed to making the event a success.

While we all enjoyed the forum, we also want to recognize Rosalynn for her other behind-the-scenes contributions to ELGL. She has served as a member of the ELGL advisory board member during this exciting, but challenging transition from an informal group to an official non-profit which is ready to launch on Monday.

Her other important contribution is providing input on the 2013 Speaker and Issue Series. In soliciting ideas for the 2013 series, Rosalynn was quick to answer the call with a list of interesting topics and speakers which have the potential to expand ELGL to new, diverse audiences.

And did we mention that Rosalynn coordinates the Clackamas County Emerging Leaders Group and has been selected to participated in the county’s leadership academy.

Good job, good effort, Rosalynn.

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