10.05.12 Knope of the Week – Mary Beth Henry

Posted on October 5, 2012

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The 42nd Knope of the Week has been selected after a week long search for the individual(s) or group who has done the most to advance the mission of ELGL. In case you haven’t yet memorized the ELGL mission statement, here it is in its entirety,

THE MISSION of the Oregon Emerging Local Government Leaders Network is to enhance communication between emerging and experienced government professionals; provide for professional advancement in the field by identifying employment opportunities and through targeted training and education; and support the advancement of professional local government management.

Before we announce this week’s recipient, we ask you to turn away from your computer screen and repeat the ELGL mission in an opera voice. Now that you’ve proven your allegiance to ELGL, we are happy to share with you this week’s recipient of the Knope of the Week is…..

Mary Beth Henry


Office for Community Technology/Mt Hood Cable Regulatory Commission

Revenue Bureau, City of Portland

The Henry household will be busy rearranging the trophy case this weekend. ELGL is proud to add to Mary Beth’s growing list of accolades, which include the LOC Herman Kehril award, by bestowing her with the Knope of the Week. (See related link: Updated with Speech: ELGL Member Receives Herman Kehril Award)

Mary Beth has been an active, visible member of ELGL who is quick to engage our speakers through questions such as what are the obstacles preventing wifi in the Rose Garden. ELGL also recognizes Mary Beth for putting others before herself. She is always recognizing the accomplishments of others while brushing off her many achievements.

If you have not yet benefitted from Mary Beth’s vast knowledge, rest assure you will at some point whether you need help on a work issue or need career advice. Mary Beth is a true shining star who models the good government can do when we work together and with the private sector.

Good job, good effort, Mary Beth.

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