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Building a Multi-message and Multi-channel Campaign to Overcome Vaccine Resistance

Patrick Armitage and Dane Grashuis of Whispir write about creating a more robust and frequent communication plan involving equity and distinct messaging for different audiences and how that is crucial for success.  “Community engagement is key to overcoming mistrust and building confidence through actions like using many channels of communication.” – CDC The recent pledge … Continued

Engaging Alone, Together

Guest post brought to you by Bang the Table’s Meghan Ruble, Head of Client Services   What a year. If you’re fortunate enough to be healthy and employed, you’re likely doing three people’s jobs. Your work has pivoted and sprinted, and at times come to a complete standstill. You innovated, but mostly because you had … Continued

GovComms Speaker Profile: Amanda Nagl

ELGL is excited to participate in the first-ever GovComms Festival, part of OECD’s Government After Shock global dialogue. Register for this free event, and learn more about ELGL members who are speaking at this event! Register for the GovComms Festival on November 17, 2020! Amanda Nagl LinkedIn Current Job Title: Founder and Principal Current Organization: Unlocking … Continued

How Local Governments are Bringing Halloween Back from the Dead this Year

This guest post is shared by our friends at Zencity. Halloween 2020 will be remembered as one unlike any before. Frankenstein masks are being replaced with surgical masks, haunted houses will go unvisited, and door-to-door trick-or-treating may not happen at all. Local governments across the US are balancing between ensuring the health and safety of … Continued

Rewind: Connecting Local Government and Education

This webinar originally aired on August 26, 2020. The pandemic has brought a whirlwind of change for schools as many districts transitioned to remote learning almost overnight in March. Now as we approach the start of the new school year, school districts are figuring out the best way to safely reopen and ensure students have … Continued

Report: Local Government’s Next Normal

This is the report from the ELGL, The Atlas, and SeeClickFix “Local Government’s Next Normal” survey, conducted in June & July 2020. Download the full report About the Local Government’s Next Normal Report Local governments across the country, and of all sizes, have been experiencing rapid shifts in priorities and work as a result of … Continued

What Local Gov Leaders Should Know About Community Policing, Equity and Inclusion

National Research Center at Polco survey research highlights, plus how local governments can engage diverse residents regarding equity and community policing. Webinar Show Notes by Julia Steege-Reimann In these uncertain times, many residents feel unheard, undervalued, and unsafe. For this reason, community policing and government inclusivity may be more important now than ever. How can … Continued

Rewind: Engaging Along the Road to Reopening

This webinar originally aired on August 19, 2020. About the event: As local governments receive ever-changing orders from state and county health departments about reopening and scaling back reopening, they face a two-fold challenge. On the one hand, they are often conveying information about decisions (sometimes unpopular decisions) that have already been made by public … Continued

Webinar Series: Engagement During Pandemic Uncertainties 

Join ELGL and the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement for a four-part webinar series on engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic! As local governments continue to wrestle with challenges of balancing community health and community connection during what is becoming a new normal of uncertainty, ELGL and the Davenport Institute are excited to continue the conversations … Continued

Rewind: Local Government Preparation for Presidential Candidate Visits

This webinar originally aired on July 21, 2020 Now – while the presidential candidates are mostly staying home – is the perfect time to prepare your local gov for potential campaign visits, especially if you’re in a battleground state. Because when you get the call that a presidential candidate will visit your town, you don’t … Continued

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