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Advancing Racial Equity Conference: Diversity Dashboard

I’m presenting at the Governing for Regional Equity & Inclusion (GREI) conference on Friday, December 14 at Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington! The conference theme is “Advancing Racial Equity,” and I’m sharing information about the ELGL Diversity Dashboard. Thanks to ELGL member Mia Navarro for coordinating this session about how to use data … Continued

…Because You Can’t be What You Don’t See

This article is a guest post by Christine Edwards,  Community Relations Coordinator at Mecklenburg Couty.  Christine is a member of the ELGL Diversity Dashboard team as well as President of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) Southern Piedmont Chapter and NFBPA National Committee Member for Marketing & Branding.  Christine will lead the “Chat … Continued

Amplifying the Voices of the Forgotten Minorities

Greetings from your Diversity Dashboard Research Coordinators, Ashley and Matthias! This post is about indigenous representation in local governments. As data is collected on more and more U.S. communities, our Diversity Dashboard team members are working to identify areas in critical need of analysis. We hope by spotlighting some interesting topics around the data we … Continued

Data Stories with Matthias – MIDTERM RESULTS

The midterms are finally over. But at the Diversity Dashboard, we won’t be resting just yet! Now, of course, is the time where we take the results and try to paint a clear picture of who these thousands of newly elected government officials are and which communities they will be representing. As many of you … Continued

Data Stories with Matthias: Guest Post by Chuck!

Welcome back to another Data Stories installment! This week our very own Diversity Dashboard data coordinator, Chuck Lehmuller has a Dashboard update for us! Diversity Dashboard Response Patterns What We Know As you all know, we started collecting data for our expansive, ground-breaking Diversity Dashboard project back in March. We’ve been closely analyzing these data … Continued

WCMA Launches the NW Women’s Leadership Academy

The NW Women’s Leadership Academy promotes more women serving in local government leadership positions On September 28, 2018, the Washington City/County Management Association (WCMA) kicked-off the NW Women’s Leadership Academy. With approximately one in five women in the top executive role, it is a priority of WCMA to prepare and promote more women into leadership roles … Continued

Data Stories with Matthias – Terminology and Gender Roles

Welcome back to another week of Data Stories! Today I want to talk a little about terminology. Specifically, the language around leadership and the expectations we have culturally constructed around positions of leadership. As we look at the gender of those in power in this country, and around the world, there is a male-centered narrative … Continued

Data Stories with Matthias – Midterms

Welcome to another installment of Data Stories! I’m excited to explore candidate diversity with you this week.  As Midterms gear up toward November 6th, there are a number of races that are pushing 2018 to the highest level of candidate diversity – ever! So what does this look like, exactly? What insights can we find … Continued

Data Stories with Matthias – Regionalism Part 2

Welcome back to Data Stories! This week is part two of Regionalism and we are diving into some pretty interesting diversity stats from around the country. Regionalism Part 1 explored how we define regionalism and why it is important to have clear and shared metrics with data collaborators as well as with you, the reader. … Continued

Data Stories with Matthias – Regionalism

Last week we had a couple of requests to dive into the data with a regional focus. Today we will explore the insights we can gain by comparing survey data by region and finding how the socio-political climate in our regions add up with represented municipal leadership. In the US we are influenced by regionalism … Continued

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