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Diversity Dashboard Outreach Tools

ELGL’s Diversity Dashboard measures the demographic data of local government leaders, and reports that information in a real-time dashboard. ELGL relies on grassroots outreach through our members and network to distribute the quick and easy survey that asks about demographics of the chief administrative officer (CAO) and assistant chief administrative officer (ACAO) in a local … Continued

Update: UNC MPA Diversity Dashboard Research

This blog is by Sarah Hanson, a member of the UNC MPA Research Team for NC Diversity Dashboard research. The research team will share some of their findings as they work toward a final report to be issued in late Spring 2019. My name is Sarah Hanson and I am a first-year Masters of Public Administration student … Continued

Diversity Dashboard Survey Launches for UNC Research

This blog is by Thomas Bennett, a member of the UNC MPA research team collecting data for the Diversity Dashboard in North Carolina. Meet his colleague Mimi Clemens in the first blog post in this series. My name is Thomas Bennett and I am a first-year MPA student at UNC Chapel Hill. The MPA team … Continued

2019 Diversity Dashboard Survey

The 2019 Diversity Dashboard survey is now live! Please ensure that your local government is represented in the 2019 data collection. The Diversity Dashboard collects information on the chief administrative officer and the assistant chief administrative officer only, so the survey only takes a few minutes to complete. Here are some frequently asked questions about … Continued

Envisio Webinar: Women in City Leadership

This blog and webinar is from our friends at Envisio:  You’re invited to join us on March 5, 2019 to celebrate women in local government and learn how to make your city future ready! With International Women’s Day coming up, we’ve put together an all-star panel of female leaders to share their insights on city leadership and planning … Continued

Advancing Racial Equity Conference: Diversity Dashboard

I’m presenting at the Governing for Regional Equity & Inclusion (GREI) conference on Friday, December 14 at Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington! The conference theme is “Advancing Racial Equity,” and I’m sharing information about the ELGL Diversity Dashboard. Thanks to ELGL member Mia Navarro for coordinating this session about how to use data … Continued

…Because You Can’t be What You Don’t See

This article is a guest post by Christine Edwards,  Community Relations Coordinator at Mecklenburg Couty.  Christine is a member of the ELGL Diversity Dashboard team as well as President of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) Southern Piedmont Chapter and NFBPA National Committee Member for Marketing & Branding.  Christine will lead the “Chat … Continued

Amplifying the Voices of the Forgotten Minorities

Greetings from your Diversity Dashboard Research Coordinators, Ashley and Matthias! This post is about indigenous representation in local governments. As data is collected on more and more U.S. communities, our Diversity Dashboard team members are working to identify areas in critical need of analysis. We hope by spotlighting some interesting topics around the data we … Continued

Data Stories with Matthias – MIDTERM RESULTS

The midterms are finally over. But at the Diversity Dashboard, we won’t be resting just yet! Now, of course, is the time where we take the results and try to paint a clear picture of who these thousands of newly elected government officials are and which communities they will be representing. As many of you … Continued

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