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Podcast: Common Community Engagement Mistakes with Kevin Lyons, FlashVote

Kevin Lyons CEO & Co-Founder FlashVote LinkedIn Pizza, beer, & public input. Kevin Lyons, CEO & Co-Founder of FlashVote, joins the podcast to discuss community engagement. He highlights common mistakes made with various types of communication channels as well as mistakes organizations make in town halls, social media, online forums, and surveys. Kevin also shares … Continued

Podcast: Community Engagement & Video Etiquette with Becky Hirst

Becky Hirst Community Engagement Consultant LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube Tips for Video Conferencing. Becky Hirst, Community Engagement Consultant from McLaren Vale, South Australia, joined the podcast to talk about her work as a community engagement consultant and her new e-book covering video conferencing etiquette. She discussed how she works with communities to inform the … Continued

Will Crisis Engagement Become Engagement?

I’m Jessica VanderKolk, Communications Manager for the City of Battle Creek, Michigan. Talk to me on Twitter and LinkedIn! What I’m reading — Untamed by Glennon Doyle What I’m watching — ASMR videos to relax my brain, while I work and before I sleep What I’m doing — Running as much as I can, and … Continued

Innovation is Not a Thing. It is What We Do.

This guest blog is brought to you by Jamie Eustace, Director of Community Engagement at the Sterling Municipal Library in Baytown, Texas. Reading: Wild Game by Adienne Brodeur and The Great Pretender by Susannah Cahalan Listening to: Death, Sex, and Money podcast Watching: The Morning Show Recently, I was participating in a discussion about leadership in … Continued

Engagement for All; or Making Sure Everyone Can Access Chewie

Today’s Buzz is by Jessica VanderKolk. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn, and on all City of Battle Creek social. What I’m watching: A lot of Transformers, and other shows my 6-year-old watches, and Dark with my German Lit PhD husband. What I’m reading: Just finished Anna Clark’s The Poisoned City, a situation from … Continued

Even Election Authorities Need Community Engagement

  Today’s Morning Buzz is by brand new Morning Buzzer Brianna Lennon – connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter! What I’m watching: Grace and Frankie What I’m listening to: Amazon Music’s Beatles Station What I’m reading: Election Tools (an online resource by CTCL for election officials interested in civic engagement) The world of elections administration has evolved … Continued

I am a Rock — Community Engagement That Sticks

By Kristin Zagurski (LinkedIn), Town of Castle Rock, CO The residents of Castle Rock (Colo.) keep busy, whether they’re working long hours at the jobs to which they commute, or engaging in activities with their young families. This makes engagement particularly challenging in our community. Over the eight years I’ve worked closely with (or on) … Continued

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