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What Does Cooperative Purchasing Mean For You?

Brian Alexander is a summer research fellow at CoProcure and a first-year Master of Public Policy candidate at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. Previously, he served as a Senior Policy Analyst at the Maryland Governor’s Office for Children with a focus on reducing the impact of parental incarceration on children and families.  Local governments … Continued

Podcast: Rethinking Procurement with Mariel Reed, CEO of CoProcure

Mariel Reed CEO & Founder CoProcure LinkedIn | Twitter The procurement process often frustrates local governments and vendors alike, but it seems like a process that will never change. Mariel Reed the Founder and CEO of CoProcure wants to rethink that. CoProcure is a startup that helps local governments improve procurement to promote economic development. She came on … Continued

Podcast: Placemaking with the Project for Public Spaces

Laura Torchio Deputy Director, Transportation Initiatives Project for Public Spaces Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Elka Gotfryd Project Manager Project for Public Spaces Bio | LinkedIn Creating spaces for people. Two representatives from the Project for Public Spaces, Laura Torchio and Elka Gotfryd, joined the podcast to talk about how to shape and influences places. They … Continued

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