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Podcast: Civil Rights & Racial Equity with Joshua Barr, Des Moines, IA

Joshua Barr Director of Civil and Human Rights City of Des Moines, IA LinkedIn | Twitter Breaking bread, building bridges. Joshua Barr, Director of Civil & Human Rights at the City of Des Moines, Iowa, joined the podcast to discuss his work with the City, including his Emmy Award-winning documentary. He talked about the engagement … Continued

Podcast: Race & Diversity in the Planning Profession with Giovania Tiarachristie

Giovania Tiarachristie Neighborhood Planner, Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development City of New York, NY LinkedIn Giovania Tiarachristie argues that if planning was a room, the elephant in it would be race. Giovania is the author of an amazing report exploring the barriers to recruiting and retaining planners of color. In this episode she discusses her … Continued

Reimagining Accountability

  Brittany Bennett is a commercial loan officer at Self-Help, a community development financial institution based in Durham, NC. She’s deeply passionate about social justice; loves delicious food, especially with good conversation; and constantly looks for a chance to show off pictures of her adorable nephew. Find her on Twitter at @BBenn4.   I have … Continued

The Case for More Racially Diverse Public Service Leaders

The Case for More Racially Diverse Public Service Leaders by Deepti P.  I remember exactly how it felt when I was staring at the piece of paper prompting me to write down that number. I paused. I looked around. Was anyone looking at me? Why do I have to do this? Writing down the eight digits … Continued

Reach Out: Diversity & Combatting Racism

“This is NOT the race article I’d been mentally writing for the past six weeks..” Kim Sandoval begins in this post she wrote on diversity and racism in the wake of the shooting in Charleston that killed nine people in a historic African-American Church. Kim shares the lessons she’s choosing to take away from this tragic event.  … Continued

Race & Politics in Oregon

Last week, ELGL had the chance to attend a happy hour presentation on “Race & Politics in Oregon.”  The information shared by DHM Research was fascinating, and they’ve agreed to share it with ELGL! 

That You Do for Me, Without Me, You Do to Me

We continue exploring the lack of racial diversity in the local government. Katie Babits, City of Eugene, OR, shares her perspective and lessons learned from a recent TED Talk. You can contribute to the series by signing up here to blog.

From Hired Help to Heads of Government

ELGL continues the #13Percent focus on racial diversity in the local gov workforce. So far we’ve heard from by Casie Yoder, City of Decatur, GA, who penned our first entry, Race Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum, and Brittany Bennett, Self Help, with Thoughts on Publicly Discussing Race. By LaVita Tuff With the recent tumultuous atmosphere and events in … Continued

My Thoughts on Publicly Discussing Race

ELGL continues the #13Percent focus on racial diversity in the local government workforce. Race Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum by Casie Yoder, City of Decatur, GA, penned our first entry. Today we hear from Brittany Bennett, Self Help. 

#13Percent: Let’s Talk About Race

Over the past few months we’ve had great contributions from guest bloggers to the #13Percent conversation on the lack of growth in the number of women in local government. Now we want to expand the #13Percent conversation to include racial diversity and need you to lead the discussion!

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