FAQ Topic: 60-51

#60 – Jason Horton

Jason Horton Wake County, NC Strategic Performance Director LinkedIn Data-driven, Leader, Collaborative Jason Horton is the Strategic Performance Director at Wake County, NC. Jason is a detail-oriented local government director with experience managing complex organizations and partnering with others to achieve desired outcomes. He has skills in Performance Management, Strategic Business Planning, Project Management, Data … Continued

#59 – Kayleigh Vocca

Kayleigh Vocca City of Lone Tree, CO Management Fellow LinkedIn Persistent, Insightful, Team Builder Kayleigh is a rising star on the local government scene. A recent MPPA grad from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Kayligh landed in Lone Tree, CO as a Management Assistant Fellow. Her graduate work revolved around police department organizational structures, the … Continued

#57 – Janet Schafer

Janet Schafer Gaston county government Budget director LinkedIn Energetic, Inquisitive, Genuine Janet is a leader among department directors in Gaston County. She goes out of her way to improve services for residents, builds lasting relationships with colleagues across the entire organization, and embodies public service leadership every day. She is not only a standout government … Continued

#56 – Kate Parmelee

Kate Parmelee City of Port St Lucie Director of Strategic Initiatives & Innovations LinkedIn Innovator, Advocator, Kind Kate is Traeger come to life. Not to brag, but she’s kind of a big deal. She has only been here for four years and has accomplished so much. She’s formalized the City’s Strategic Plan process. Every project … Continued

#55 – Samantha Holland

Samantha Holland Town of Yountville Director, Parks and Recreation LinkedIn Dedicated, Resourceful, Positive Sam is the Leslie Knope of our small town. She quietly is behind the scenes of many great programs here in the Napa Valley. She is well respected and leads by example. Creating programs for all ages. She volunteers for community organizations … Continued

#54 – Rebecca Hascall

Rebecca Hascall Jefferson County, CO Chief Information Officer LinkedIn Strategic, Innovative, Transformative Rebecca is a change maker. She is collaborative and never shies away from solving tricky challenges. She understands that IT is not a technology issue it’s a people issue. I also appreciate that she is data focused, using data to tell a story … Continued

#53 – Bud Harris

Bud Harris Kitsap County, WA Director of Information Services LinkedIn Adaptable, Problem Solver, Innovative I enjoy working and collaborating with Bud because he always has his eye on the future and is an adept thinker and planner before taking action. It’s that thoughtfulness that makes me nominate him for this award, which I think would … Continued

#52 – Toni Cook

Toni Cook City of Little Rock, AR Assistant Procurement Manager LinkedIn Innovative, Tenacious, Detail-Oriented Toni has taken on so much of the data and results driven contracting work for our City in the realm of procurement. She has also lead several successful randomized control trials on engaging with more minority and women owned businesses. She … Continued

#51 – Dan Bagley

Daniel Bagley City of Raleigh, NC Community Relations Analyst LinkedIn Innovative, Compassionate, Forward-thinking Dan Bagley has devoted the last 15 years in service to the City of Raleigh (North Carolina). When he first joined the City, he was a Community Center Director and managed 3 parks and 2 indoor facilities. In addition to planning programming … Continued

#58 – Shelby Teufel

Shelby Teufel City of Pleasant Hill, MO City Administrator LinkedIn Knowledgable, Devoted, Adaptable Shelby gives her heart and soul to the community of Pleasant Hill. In addition to effectively leading the organization and day-to-day operations, she is genuinely invested in the community. She has a depth of knowledge beyond most city administrators. I am always … Continued

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