Show Off Your Best Data!

What I am reading: The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State By: Nadia Murad What I am listening to: Whatever comes through on my IPhone. What I am doing: Planning a trip Crested Butte, CO to see the wildflowers! Lately, I have been thinking about how we learn … Continued

Engaging Women in Public Service: Building Your Leadership Muscle

via GIPHY Hey hey ELGL fam! Today’s a big day for me… not only am I publishing my very first ELGL blog post, but I just landed in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to attend the Engaging Women in Public Service conference put on by the UNC School of Government. Yes, I am currently listening to Beyoncé’s … Continued

Where Hip-Hop & Local Government Meet

Right Now w/India Adams What I’m Listening to: KOD- J.Cole What I’m Watching: Real Housewives of Potomac It is an interesting time in America. In the last month, Kanye West discussed becoming a community developer. His wife, Kim Kardashian met with the President to discuss criminal justice reform. And, J. Cole tackled community policing and … Continued

Buzzin’- Time for a “Brain Break”

What I’m Reading- “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott What I’m Watching- Dear White People  What I’m Listening To- “Django Jane” by Janelle Monae May seems to be a celebratory month. It is a month where we celebrate everything from Cinco De Mayo, Public Service Week and Mother’s Day. May also happens to be Mental Health … Continued

How NYC Reaches Its Most Vulnerable

Since my last post, I buzzed up to the Big Apple with some colleagues to learn about the City of New York’s Public Engagement Unit (PEU), an innovative Team of communicators, canvassers, and data specialists, working to bridge the gap between the number of residents who are qualified for services, and the number of residents … Continued

What Signs Are We Sending?

Signs are all around, and many of them are put in our public realm by us, government. They are in our public spaces, parks, squares, and walkways – all places that are typically designed for people to come together to do the things they enjoy.  However, government signs generally lists prohibited activities. No feeding the … Continued

Are You An Urbanist Too?

I have always been an urbanist; I just didn’t know what one was. The most exciting places I have ever worked, visited or lived, while different shared some unique characteristics.  They are vibrant, full of people of all ages and backgrounds, and fun to walk in and explore. There are special and unexpected spaces that emerge … Continued

Webinar: Cultivate Strong Towns

Join ELGL + Cultivate! Collaborative on March 22nd at 1pm CST/2pm EST Why do most cities not have enough money to pay for basic needs and services like infrastructure?   What can be done to align policies, plans and processes to make your city operate more efficiently and achieve outcomes that are financially sustainable, environmentally resilient … Continued

Intersection of Faith & Public Service: Bless Like A Champion Today

In the series, ELGL members talk about how they balance their personal faith with their public service careers. By Gabe Reaume, City Manager of Saginaw, Texas  The Beatitudes are a series of statements about people that Jesus of Nazareth shared in the early verses of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 5. The Beatitudes are practical … Continued

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