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CivicPride: What’s the Big Deal?

ELGL is the proud host of CivicPride content. CivicPRIDE is a social and networking organization devoted to promoting LGBTQ leaders in local government. Pam (Weir) Davis, Assistant to the City Manager at City of Goodyear, writes why CivicPride’s work matters to all of local government. A local gov bud of mine recently asked why I am helping … Continued

LGBTQIA and Allies Organizations

ELGL is proud to host the CivicPRIDE website and blog posts. The below is a partial list of organizations that LGBTQIA local government professionals can use as resources. Is this list missing an organization? Contact us and we’ll update it. American Planning Association LGBTQ & Planning Division Federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Diversity Office … Continued

#CityHallSelfie: A Love Story

This guest blog is by Pam Davis (Weir), Assistant to the City Manager, City of Goodyear. Connect with Pam on Twitter. My love for the #cityhallselfie borderlines on the absurd. Since January 2015, I have shared more than 30 selfies from communities in 11 states and 2 countries. I don’t travel anymore without making time … Continued

LG’s in LG: The Gay Thing

This article was originally posted in February 2015. At the time, Phil Smith-Hanes was the County Administrative Officer for Humboldt County, CA. He is the Ellis County (KS) County Administrator.  The human tendency (or need) to categorize is a fascinating trait. Especially when we apply that to human beings. Even ourselves. I’m in lots of categories … Continued

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