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Thank You For Being a Pocket Friend

Welcome, dear pocket friends. Today’s Morning Buzz is by Jessica VanderKolk, Communications Manager for the City of Battle Creek in Southwest Michigan. Hit me up on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m watching: Trying to squeeze in as much Offspring as possible. I got there late, and it’s about to get the boot off Netflix. What … Continued

Turning the Comments Off

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Lacey Dykgraaf, Communications Specialist for Slate Communications. Connect with Lacey on LinkedIn or Twitter. What I’m Reading: The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires – Grady Hendrix What I’m Watching: Our Flag Means Death What I’m Listening to: Lawrence (a really great duo I highly suggest a listen to) I recently had … Continued

Life in Your Community, 1 Second at a Time

You are buzzing today with Jessica VanderKolk, Communications Manager for the City of Battle Creek, Michigan. Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn! What I’m watching: Won’t You Be My Neighbor (I love Mister Rogers.) What I’m reading: Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life (Why yes, I DID just finish S4 … Continued

Podcast: Community & COVID-19 Response with Grinnell College & Grinnell, IA

  Russell Behrens City Manager City of Grinnell, Iowa LinkedIn Monica Chavez-Silva Vice President of Community Engagement and Strategic Planning Grinnell College LinkedIn | Bio Derechos and #GrinnTogether. Russell Behrens, City Manager of the City of Grinnell, IA, and Monica Chavez-Silva, Vice President of Community Engagement and Strategic Planning at Grinnell College, joined the podcast … Continued

Conundrums of Community in the Age of Computing

Right Now with Nick Smith (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m watching: Last night I watched Malignant and it was … super creepy. Watch it, but don’t learn anything about it beforehand. What I’m listening to: I just got to go to my first indoor concert in two years(!!!) and was grateful to see Anamanaguchi … 18 months … Continued

Webinar Rewind: Retaining Talent in the New World of Work

   Originally aired October 20, 2021. The effectiveness of local government depends on a talented, committed and experienced workforce. The competition for this talent has intensified, in part due to coronavirus-driven workplace changes. COVID-19 has caused employees across the nation to reconsider their job and career choices. One result is the “great resignation.” Job … Continued

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