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#DigitalGovTip: Make Sure Your Government Website is Encrypted

This guest blog is reprinted with permission from ProudCity and Luke Fretwell. Luke is co-founder and CEO of ProudCity. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and email at Learn more about ProudCity digital government solutions, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter. #digitalgovtip shares quick advice to inspire, empower and help governments move their digital efforts forward. Protecting user privacy should be a … Continued

Local Gov, HTTPS Website Security, & the Google Chrome October Deadline

This guest post is by ELGL Member & Proud City CEO Luke Fretwell. Luke is co-founder and CEO of ProudCity. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and email at ‘Not Secure’: What government needs to know about HTTPS website security and the Google Chrome October deadline Protecting user privacy is an important aspect and duty of any public service organization, and … Continued

ELGL Digital: Graduate Program Directory

ELGL Digital Work Group is back. Rolling out plans for another member exclusive benefit that will make your ELGL membership even more valuable. Last week we announced the piloting of the ELGL Digital Vendor Directory.  Part Yelp/ part Jenny’s List, the ELGL Digital Vendor Directory will not only connect you with the best vendors and … Continued

ELGL Digital: The Reverse Mullet

This Digital Work Group update is by Kirsten Wyatt, ELGL’s executive director. Our work continues on our digital upgrade with ProudCity! This week, we spent the entirety of our call talking about Information Architecture (or “IA” as the pros call it). We were talking specifically about the home page, and how information should be … Continued

Launch 2017: Half Price Government Website Offer

This post is by ProudCity, which is currently helping ELGL with our digital upgrade. This process has been so informative and interesting for ELGL’s growth, learning, and development, that we convinced ProudCity to offer a special deal for our members to guide them through the same process. You can learn more about our “Let’s Get … Continued

ELGL Digital Week 11: Job Seekers, Non-Profits & State-Level Leagues

This week, the Digital Working Group buckled down and discussed ELGL’s offerings to jobs seekers, public sector-focused nonprofits & foundations, and state-level leagues of cities and counties. We talked about what these groups want and how well we meet their needs. For the job seeker category, Ben Kittelson suggested people in this group want jobs. … Continued

Breakout Groups 2.0: Welcome Messaging

Today’s Digital Working Group post is by ELGL Executive Director Kirsten Wyatt. As you learned from Kevin Herman yesterday, the ELGL Digital Working Group split into two breakout groups to tackle some specific messaging to our members. Kevin’s team is working on messaging to recruit new members, and my team is working on messaging to … Continued

Breakout Groups 2.0: Recruitment Messaging

Today’s Digital Working Group post is by Kevin Herman with ProudCity. It’s been really fun working and getting to know the Digital Working Group. These people really care about what they do in their direct communities and the larger community they’re building and connecting with through ELGL. However, as much as I like the full … Continued

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