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Webinar Rewind: Digitizing Municipal Cemeteries

Originally aired November 10, 2021. Governments have discovered just how much they can digitize in the wake of COVID-19 out of necessity. Moving forward, why not explore digitizing the most staid of local government departments? Whether preserving local history or providing a better care experience for community members, moving records online might be the logical … Continued

Webinar Rewind: The Urgency of Accounts Payable Automation

This webinar originally aired on November 3rd, 2021.  When it comes to digital transformation, government leaders are looking inward to improve existing processes and reduce the risk of fraudulent activity by removing the requirement of storing vendor banking information. To operate with limited budgets and improve efficiencies, the public sector can improve internal operations, … Continued

Webinar Rewind: Will Virtual Court Hearings Stay Post-Pandemic?

This webinar originally aired on October 21, 2021. Increasing access to the justice system for all community members means integrating justice partners and bringing court services to the convenience of peoples’ homes. Online dispute resolution helps individuals reach family or small claims case resolution from their own homes, outside of court hours. Virtual courts provide … Continued

Webinar Rewind: Retaining Talent in the New World of Work

   Originally aired October 20, 2021. The effectiveness of local government depends on a talented, committed and experienced workforce. The competition for this talent has intensified, in part due to coronavirus-driven workplace changes. COVID-19 has caused employees across the nation to reconsider their job and career choices. One result is the “great resignation.” Job … Continued

Webinar Rewind: How to TikTok

View the Slides Originally aired September 22, 2021. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying its popularity: TikTok beat out Facebook and WhatsApp to claim the spot of #1 most popular social app download in the world for 2020. Here’s a closer look at the rapidly growing platform and how governments can leverage it … Continued

Webinar Rewind: How to Reddit

Originally aired September 15, 2021 Only two social platforms showed a significant increase in usage by Americans since 2019—YouTube and Reddit. While it’s far behind other players in terms of its number of users, those who do spend time on Reddit turn to it often for news and local information. In this session, we’ll talk … Continued

Webinar Rewind: How to Nextdoor

View Jessica’s Slides View Joseph’s Slides Originally aired Wednesday, September 8, 2021 When it comes to guaranteeing hyperlocal reach, neighborhood-focused social platform Nextdoor can’t be beat. Hear from Joseph Porcelli, Global Public Agency Lead with Nextdoor, and the City of Battlecreek, Michigan’s Communications Manager Jessica L. Vanderkolk. About the Series There’s a lot more to … Continued

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