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The Downside of Domino’s

Morning Buzz by Andy Kuhn What I’m listening to –  Happy Hour by Weezer What I’m watching – I have been re-watching Entourage, not sure why? I miss LA probably What I’m reading – Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain TL:DR – The free rider problem is real, and may be worse in recessed communities. The … Continued

30% Negative or 70% Positive

Morning Buzz by Andy Kuhn (LinkedIn) (Twitter) What I’m Reading: How Baby Boomers Broke America by Steven Brill in Time Magazine What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley Season 5 What I’m Listening To: Trying to hear Yanny instead of Laurel This isn’t a reference to my childhood when my bad behavior was met by my Grandma … Continued

Blue Light Special at Kmart

Morning Buzz by Andy Kuhn (LinkedIn) (Twitter) What I’m Reading: Sustaining Growth: Appalachia’s Natural Gas Opportunity What I’m Watching: MLB Mariners/Astros series…..Go M’s What I’m Listening To: SiriusXM Alt Nation TL;DR: There are empty K-Marts in towns all over the U.S. and there appears to be no means of getting them filled or even demolished … Continued

The Silver Tsunami in the Rust Belt Equals Great Opportunity

What I am Listening to: The Briefing by Dr. Albert Mohler What I am Reading: Not God Enough by J.D. Greear What I am Watching: NCAA Tournament Basketball….sans the Tarheels ? The Silver Tsunami in the Rest Belt Equals Great Opportunity By Andy Kuhn, Executive Director of the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority In my former life, … Continued

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