FAQ Topic: 30-21

#22 – Stephanie Deitrick

Dr. Stephanie Deitrick City of Tempe Enterprise GIS & Data Analytics Manager LinkedIn | Twitter Dedicated, Innovative, Enthusiastic Stephanie has been with the City of Tempe for over seven years, promoting innovation in data, performance management and data focused training. She has changed the culture within the city, leading efforts to create tools, processes and … Continued

#23 – Greg Stopka

Greg Stopka Park District of Oak Park, IL Strategy and Innovation Manager LinkedIn | Twitter Insightful, Innovative, Visionary I have only known Greg a short while but right off the bat knew he was making (and will make) a major impact in the local government community. While he serves as the Strategy and Innovation Manager … Continued

#24 – Brianna Sunryd

Brianna Sunryd Amherst, MA Communications Manager & Community Participation Officer LinkedIn | Twitter Helpful, Kind, Smart Brianna is a rock star! Everything she touches becomes better because of her experience and perspective. She is focused on community engagement and finding new ways to bring all voices into community conversations. She is gifted user of communications … Continued

#25 – Frank Scott, Jr.

Frank Scott Jr City of Little Rock, AR Mayor LinkedIn | Twitter Innovative, Courageous, Charismatic Mayor Scott Jr. has breathed new life into the City of Little Rock. With great opposition, he continues to reach all the goals he set forth in his platform to get elected and much more. Mayor Scott Jr. promised innovation … Continued

#26 – Laura Chandler

Laura Chandler ClearPoint Strategy Director of Community LinkedIn Energetic, Enthusiastic, Gregarious Laura Chandler can light up a room with her incredible energy. She has a positive, can do attitude that is felt by those around her. Even if you thought you couldn’t do something, a short conversation with Laura would completely flip your perspective into … Continued

#27 – Selah Gardiner

Selah Gardiner Athens-Clarke County Unified Government Community Education Analyst LinkedIn Mission-Focused, Engaged, Kind Selah is the first person hired to work in a newly created inclusion office and there’s no one better for the job. She always has her eye on the mission and centers her work around what’s best for the community. She is … Continued

#28 – Kristen Camareno

Kristen Camareno Tarrant County, TX Assistant County Administrator LinkedIn | Twitter Problem-solver, Task-master, Collaborator Kristen has held a number of roles at Tarrant County over the years – from Mobility Coordinator to Interim Community Development Director and now she’s an awesome Assistant County Administrator. In every single one of these roles, she’s been a true … Continued

#29 – Tanisha Briley

Tanisha Briley Gaithersburg, Maryland City Manager LinkedIn Thoughtful, Superstar, Trailblazer Tanisha is a significant contributor to local government. She provides calm, thoughtful leadership and is working hard to bring new ideas and honor the existing culture. She stayed in Cleveland Heights, Ohio after they changed their Charter to Mayor-Council and then pursued her current position … Continued

#30 – Matt McKirahan

Matthew McKirahan Village of Pinehurst, NC Organizational Performance Director LinkedIn Innovative, Effective, Curious Matt recently transitioned from the City of Raleigh to the Village of Pinehurst where he is serving as their Organizational Performance Director. We first began working with Matt when he was fellow at the City of Fort Lauderdale, FL. and, at all … Continued

#21 – Mercury Payton

Mercury Payton Town of Vienna, VA Town Manager Website  | Twitter | Headline Champion, Innovator, Convener Mercury has a long and successful history as a servant-leader for local governments and Virginia. His actions this year in creating, leading, and supporting the town’s Liberty Amendments Month celebration in June and July are what necessitated this nomination. … Continued

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