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ELGL Digital Week 11: Job Seekers, Non-Profits & State-Level Leagues

This week, the Digital Working Group buckled down and discussed ELGL’s offerings to jobs seekers, public sector-focused nonprofits & foundations, and state-level leagues of cities and counties. We talked about what these groups want and how well we meet their needs. For the job seeker category, Ben Kittelson suggested people in this group want jobs. … Continued

Breakout Groups 2.0: Welcome Messaging

Today’s Digital Working Group post is by ELGL Executive Director Kirsten Wyatt. As you learned from Kevin Herman yesterday, the ELGL Digital Working Group split into two breakout groups to tackle some specific messaging to our members. Kevin’s team is working on messaging to recruit new members, and my team is working on messaging to … Continued

Breakout Groups 2.0: Recruitment Messaging

Today’s Digital Working Group post is by Kevin Herman with ProudCity. It’s been really fun working and getting to know the Digital Working Group. These people really care about what they do in their direct communities and the larger community they’re building and connecting with through ELGL. However, as much as I like the full … Continued

Vendor Survey: How’s ELGL Doing?

ELGL is currently revamping our digital services. We value our relationships with our members who work for private companies in support of or alongside local government. We want these relationships to continue to grow. This brief survey is designed to collect information about how ELGL is doing in our service to the vendor community, and how … Continued

ELGL Digital Week 9: All ELGL Members Are Created Equal

There is no summer vacation for the ELGL Digital Work Group. We continued our work with week. I have overcome the bird flu to provide a recap of the digital action. As always, comment, email or Tweet us if you have questions or ideas for the Digital Group. By Kent Wyatt, ELGL Co-Founder You should know that … Continued

ELGL Digital Week 7: Working up a Sweat!

The ELGL Digital Work Group is back after a two-week breakout sesh! Check out what we’ve done and what we’re doing next to improve ELGL’s digital services! Done It is was divide and conquer with ELGL’s digital working group. We split up into two groups determined to make ELGL better for all. Shout out to Luke and … Continued

ELGL Digital Week 6: Building the ELGL of Tomorrow……Today!

After taking a break for #ELGL17 the ELGL Digital Work Group is back in action. When the ELGL Digital Project started the work group focused on answering some Zen-like questions about the organization, including How would ELGL act at a party? & If you had to describe ELGL in one word, what would it be? … Continued

ELGL Digital Week 4: ELGL in One Word

As the ELGL Digital Project moves along, we are challenged each week to think about ELGL from a new perspective. According to,  “Brand personality is a framework that helps a company or organization shape the way people feel about its product, service or mission. A company’s brand personality elicits an emotional response in a … Continued

ELGL Digital Week 3: Brand Personality

This week on the ELGL Digital Update we talked about ELGL’s brand personality. Don’t know what that means? Don’t worry here’s a quick definition for you: “Brand personality is defined as a “human set of characteristics” that are connected to a brand. Brands with a strong, well-defined personality instantly win some likeability points because people are … Continued

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