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Posted on March 18, 2015

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ELGL members have exclusive access to the webinar library. Thanks to Strategic Government Resources for sponsoring our live webinars and webinar library.

Library of ELGL Webinars

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4-1-1 on Virginia Tech’s Local Government Management Certificate: The good people at Virginia Tech’s School of Public and International Affairs joined us for a webinar that explained their online local government management certificate program. The only program like it in the country, the speakers explained how they are helping to train the next generation of leaders in local government.
California’s Glass Ceiling, Watch the Webinar: On February 19th we heard from GrassrootsLab, a public affairs firm from California, which recently released a report on city management. One of the most enlightening findings was that female city managers tend to serve shorter tenures than their male counterparts, a hidden glass ceiling.
Watch the Town Gown Webinar with Dr. Gavazzi: This week ELGL members had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Stephen Gavazzi. A marriage and family counselor by trade, he’s turned that skill set on studying the relationships between universities and the towns they are located in. The webinar covered his research into the topic, questions from attendees, and a tool that measures town-gown relationships.
startup seattle logoWatch the Startup Seattle Webinar: Rebecca Lovell from Startup Seattle shared some great lessons and insights during her webinar on how Seattle has gone “all in” on the technology startup sector of their economy. Attendees learned how Rebecca has worked to engage high school students, minorities and women in the technology startup scene. She’s also acted as a matchmaker, coach and therapist for entrepreneurs in the city, giving her a unique perspective on what those people are looking for from their city government.
Watch the #13Percent Webinar with Heidi Voorhees and Rachel Lange-Skaggs: After their article on the number of women in city manager positions was featured in Public Management Magazine, ELGL asked Heidi Voorhees and Rachel Lange-Skaggs to dive more in depth and explain more about their findings. It’s shocking the amount of female city managers is still 13 percent the same as it was in 1984. You can watch what all Heidi and Rachel said and hear them answer questions from ELGL members.
Replay: Building Internal Support for Social Media: Big thanks to Kim Ervin, Patrick Rollens, and Kirsten Wyatt for hosting a great webinar back on December 22nd, 2014. It was one of our best attended webinars and gave great practical tips and tricks both for getting started in social media and what to do once you’re in the thick of it.
Relive the Everyblock and Neighborhood-level Media Webinar: Nick d’Angelo and Matthew Summy’s presentation explained neighborhood-level media, including Everyblock. If you missed the webinar or if you’d just like to watch it over and over again don’t worry we recorded it for your viewing pleasure.
Kenan WebinarWatch San Francisco’s Public Wi-Fi Webinar: Miguel Gamiño gave a great presentation that gave us the scoop on San Francisco’s free Wi-Fi initiative chock full of tips for other cities as they consider similar programs.
Relive the GovFresh Webinar: Sam and Luke gave a great presentation that gave us the scoop on how to make city websites on the cheap and explained GovFresh’s history.
Relive the Local Government Sharing Economy with MuniRent: Big thanks to Alan Mond and Julien Vanier of MuniRent, for participating in our innovation webinar series. Alan and Julien did a great job illustrating the sharing economy in government and MuniRent’s unique business model.
Video: Engaging the Whole Community Lunch & Learn: Back on September 18th local government professionals packed the Pringle Community Hall in Salem and Emmett Wheatfall, Diversity and Inclusion Director of Clackamas County, led the audience through a learning event of intensity and depth. Big thanks to our co-sponsors the Chinook Institute, the City of Salem, and Oregon APA.
Webinar Library: AWC and ELGL Present “Landing Your Dream Job”: Find out what the local government employment landscape looks like and what local government employers are looking for in the dream candidates. Participants heard from experts including an executive recruiter, public administration educator and city administrator.
code 1Relive the Code for America Webinar: Garrett Jacobs from Code for America gave a great presentation that covered a variety of topics from what innovation initiatives he’s seen at local governments to the mission of Code for America and the kinds of open data efforts that are out there.
Relive the SeeClickFix Webinar: For the first installment of the new innovation webinar series, SeeClickFix joined us for a great webinar detailing their smart phone app and how they’re helping to empower citizens. The conversation was informative and interesting; Ryan Mannion shared the motivation behind starting SeeClickFix, their partnership with the Federal government, as well as the nitty gritty of the different ways you can customize their app.
Watch the Technology & Transparency Webinar: Thank you to Mo’Mix solutions for co-hosting this webinar with David Dukes the Assistant Financial Director from Williamson County, Texas. Williamson County is outside of Austin and is the fastest growing county in the region. David talked about how, despite the obstacles that the county faced, they were able to partner with Mo’Mix to deliver a service that citizens were demanding.
HandUp, RideScout & CityScan talk Smart Cities: Last week, thanks to the efforts of Michael O’Brien, we heard from HandUp, RideScout and CityScan about what they are doing to make cities better. These companies are making it easier to help the homeless, helping you get from place to place and saving cities money. Check out what they had to say.
google fiber adviceRick Usher on Bringing Google Fiber to Kansas City: This week we had the opportunity to hear from Rick Usher the Assistant City Manager of Kansas City, Missouri about the efforts he and others went through to bring Google Fiber to Kansas City. It was an informative webinar and Rick even brought on a special guest to give her point of view.
Relive the North Carolina #EcDev Webinar: The Southeast ELGL chapter provided an opportunity to learn about an innovative program taking place at the University of North Carolina. LaChaun Banks and Elizabeth Basnight presented on the Entrepreneur Technical Assistance Program, relive the webinar from its recording and the live-tweets about it.
#KaslikKeys – Relive the Perfomance Management Webinar: Aimee Kaslik gave one of ELGL’s new favorite presentations last week. Aimee is the performance administrator for the City of Irving, Texas. Her award-winning team even joined her to answer questions at the end of the webinar.
Mind Mixer’s Webinar: For all of you that caught our last webinar with Michael Ashford of Mind Mixer he has passed along information about the Mind Mixer Webinar Library. Mind Mixer hosts monthly webinars 0n how to effectively engage your community. You can also RSVP for their upcoming webinars, the next one is May 28 on creating better places and spaces in your community.
Relive the Detroit Webinar: Did you miss our latest webinar with Mark Binelli author of “Detroit City is the Place to Be”? Don’t worry, you can watch it online and hear about his experiences reporting on Detroit, Michigan. Check out our Webinar Library to see all the recorded webinars that are available to our members. Once again a big thank you to SGR for helping us make this available to our members!

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