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#ELGLTakeoverTuesday: Tallahassee, Florida

Greetings, ELGL! I’m Paula Kiger, and I’ll be sharing my day with you Tuesday on the #ELGLTakeover from Florida’s capital city, Tallahassee. A few years ago, my friend Brenda wrote a blog about me and called me the world’s cheerleader. It was very kind of Brenda to say that. I have to admit it is … Continued

#ELGLTakeoverTuesday: Perry, Georgia

Hey ELGL! I’m Tabitha Clark, Communications Administrator for the City of Perry, Georgia. I oversee our communications efforts to include the website, social media, media relations, and all “other duties as assigned.” Perry encompasses over 27 square miles along Interstate 75 approximately 90 miles south of Atlanta. Our historic city enjoys close proximity to Robins … Continued

2020 #ELGLTakeoverTuesday: Battle Creek, Michigan

Hi, ELGL family! It is Dec. 1 in Battle Creek, Michigan. This means our holiday lights are live, we have just sworn in our City Commission for the upcoming term, and our crews have prepped the snow plow fleet for a #PureMichigan winter. I’m Jessica VanderKolk (, the city’s communications manager. Next week, I celebrate … Continued

#ELGLTakeover: West Bend, Wisconsin

Hello ELGL, Greetings from the City of West Bend, Wisconsin—a charming city situated along the Milwaukee River in the heart of the Kettle Moraine—home to more than 32,000 residents. The Communications Department (a.k.a. The Comm Team) is pleased to take part in today’s #ELGLTakeoverTuesdays! Together, our team manages all types of communications and marketing programs … Continued

#ELGLTakeover: Eugene, Oregon

Hello ELGL! I am Sophie McGinley, an Assistant Planner on the Community Planning and Design Team for the City of Eugene. I’m in my second year with the City and have worked on the Urban Reserves Project and now the Middle Housing/House Bill 2001 project. When I’m not at work, I can often be found … Continued

#ELGLTakeoverTuesday: Long Beach, California

Hello ELGL! I’m Meredith Reynolds, Park Planning and Partnerships Manager for the City of Long Beach. I’ve very excited for my turn at #ELGLTakeoverTuesday because I get to show you why #ilovelongbeach. But first, a little Long Beach getting-to-know-you.  Long Beach is the most southern City in Los Angeles County and encompasses 52 square miles. … Continued

#ELGLTakeoverTuesday: Castle Rock, Colorado

“October is my favorite month,” I exclaimed to C.J., our most awesome Admin Assistant last week, basking in the glow of the unseasonably warm weather and gorgeous gold leaves we’re enjoying this time of year in Castle Rock, Colorado. Then my senses came back about me, and I retracted my statement since the month usually … Continued

#ELGLTakeoverTuesday: Newnan, Georgia

Hi there, ELGL! I am Ashley Copeland, the Communications Manager for the City of Newnan, Georgia. Newnan is a growing suburb of 40,000 that sits about 30-minutes south of Atlanta, Georgia – also dubbed as the “city of homes.” Over the past two years with the city, I’ve worked on enhancing our city’s communications and … Continued

#ELGLTakeoverTuesday: Aspen, Colorado

Hello ELGL! I am Michelle Holder, a Management Analyst II for the City of Aspen, Colorado. Over the past four years, I’ve run our citizens’ academy program, contributed to our community sustainability report, run our performance program, and hiked more miles and gained more elevation than ever before in my sheltered, air-conditioned Floridian life. In my … Continued

#ELGLTakeoverTuesday: Rome, Georgia

Hello from Rome, Georgia! The #ELGLTakeoverTuesday is brought to you by Sarah Huffman, Risk Manager for the City of Rome. I can’t wait to show you around my awesome hometown! The City of Rome is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Northwest Georgia, “where the rivers meet and the mountains begin.” We … Continued

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